Τρίτη 20 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

My vintage heart..

Hello again!

This my second page today...I played with silver and light blue...I love this vintage picture...

I play with these challenges

Berry 71 bleu

Scrapki Wyzwaniowo little bit of magic

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Test your limits....


this is one of my last pages for this year and I wanted to play with mystery, magic something like a fairytale...I chose a picture from the internet..



I used the colors of this moodboard at Lindy's stamp Gang . I used Rudolf's nose red, Silent night silver and Toto's black.


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Πέμπτη 8 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

The most beautiful time of the year!


my first Christmas page is ready!! This time I wanted to play with grey and red and silver...something like the Christmas night!! The picture I found on the internet was just perfect for it!

This time of year is all about tranditions...family traditions..or things that we do in our country to celebrate the most important time of the year! In Greece, we have so many traditions about Christmass...the food we make, the carols we sing, the presents we give...the tree and the turkey...the lights and the love...the love we need from our friends and family , the love we give to everyone...This is what is all about....We some times forget about this but in Christmas we celebrate love!

This little girl ( I know ..I forget her name ! ) cooking remind me of my girls cooking every Christmas...we have to make our cookies, and brownies and melomakarona!! So, we put a Christmas cd and we start!!

I play with More than words challenge and this mood board. For the HANDMADE part, I made this little bow and I painted the white lace with red color!

I also play with canvas corp brands and this challenge! In Greece we are in the heart of winter ..so you wont see any seas or light dressed Santas...:-) In fact children get their presents in the new years eve and our Santa is Vasileios! :-) 

CCB December 2016 Challenge

You can see the Byzantine Christmas carol here. That's not what kinds sing today but I love the rythm of it.

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merry and bright Christmas to everyone!!! 

Κυριακή 27 Νοεμβρίου 2016

Be you tiful!

Hello with my third page for today!

I always love to play with Words and Paintery! This time the colors are warm and soft!

 I love these colors...Flowers and bouquets came to my mind! And this is my page about..

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today I am sharing a page I made for More than words challenge and the November challenge.

I used a photograph of my eldest daughter during our holidays in Milan! This is our first family trip outside the country and we were thrilled about it! It was so special and important for us as we had been throught a difficult year! We had a really fun time there! So many beautiful moments!

I used blue colors in my page and a blue lace , an old piece of metal that I found on the road and I borrowed :-) some silver sequins from my daughter! I am ready! :-)

I also play with Berry 71 blue and this moodboard. I was inspired by the grey and blue colors.

November 2016 Challenge

and 7 dots studio for our special moment..

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Παρασκευή 25 Νοεμβρίου 2016



Οι μέρες τρέχουν και ο Σεπτέμβρης έγινε γρήγορα Οκτώβρης και Νοέμβρης χωρίς να το καταλάβω... Έχω τόσο καιρό έτοιμες κάποιες σελίδες ...και να σήμερα που κατάφερα να μοιραστώ την πρώτη! Λίγο φως, λίγη λάμψη και λίγο πιο κοντά στις πιο φωτεινές μέρες του χρόνου...

Μου άρεσε πολύ αυτό το μπέρδεμα των χρωμάτων και η λάμψη στην φωτογραφία! 

Με αυτή παίζω του Scrapki Wyzwaniowo την πρόκληση του αγαπημένου Crafty Life Challenges 

με αυτό το σκετς από το Scrap Africa

Ευχαριστώ πολύ που είστε σήμερα εδώ!! Καλό και δημιουργικό Σαββατοκύριακο!


Παρασκευή 14 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Art is you..


today I play with grey...grey and metallic pink....I ve used this combination a lot...I love how pink makes grey so intresting...I used modelling paste, metallic pink, stencils and masks and this awsome picture of a "broken rose"...

I play with Mixed Media Place and this moodboard

and Scrap Africa with the winter moodboard

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Κυριακή 9 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Surrounding by good things...

Good evening crafty friends,

   my new page is about good things...good beautiful things that can make your day brighter! A smile, a word or a flower...Things CAN make me happy...I am lucky I guess...The way the sun gets into my office, the fact that my neiborh is happy today, a small kid playing in the street, a small candy that someone  kept for me...life is quite simple if you keep the nice details...coffee in the morning and a kind word...what else can I ask for?? :-) ( ok, beautiful clothes too- that can also make my day :-) )

I play with Berry71bleu and this moodboard! I love everything about it!! <3

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see you around,

Vasso :-)

Δευτέρα 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016

Single moments make great momories!

Hello, hello!!

it's been a while....again!! This will be a hard year for me...I know!

Kids are growing fast, wanting so much and I am just ready to give whatever they need! I love my kids more that everything and I believe everything they do must be as serious for me as it is for them. I have prepared this page weeks ago I think!! It's time to show it to you!!


Purple is not really my color..in fact I think this is the worst color for me to work with!! But since my little one was wearing purple....everything changed!! :-)

I play with this sketch at Scrap Africa

Sep Sketch Challenge due 29 Aug
that's it for today!! Thank you for visiting my blog!!

Σάββατο 6 Αυγούστου 2016

Mots d' amour!


I love this page!! modeling paste with watercolors worked so nice! I used a stencil and different shades of the colors in my paper...the result is so beautiful!

I am playing with this moodboard at Berry71blue

I used light green, vanilla, brown and black! 

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Πέμπτη 4 Αυγούστου 2016



I love this moodboard at Canvas Crop Brands this month!


So , I made a page of my own inspired by the dt!

This is what my holidays are about...travel, feel free, feel fearless...I love Greek Summer and our blue sky and sea!!! You never get borred in THIS summer!! So much to see, so much to feel , so much to taste!! I love everything about summer!!

Me and the kids had some fun creating with the things we found outside...a wood from the beach and this honeycomb the kids found! And here are our tags..our summer treasures...

Thank you so much for being here,


Circle of friendship!

Hello from sunny, hot, realy hot Greece!!

Every month I am looking forward to play with More than words challenge ! I love the challenges and the talented ladies!

This month's challenge is about friends and circles!!

My page is about the friends of our childhood ...the games and the laughs we shared...We will never feel the same again...we will never go back..but we will always remember all the goofy things that we shared, all the secrets and the love...pure love... I used two circles here..the heart and the pin...

I used this sketch from Prima Marketing 

I used prima papers, mediums, stensil and flower! I love salvage district collection!! 

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Κυριακή 31 Ιουλίου 2016

Love..just you and me!


Today I am playing with one of my favorite challenge blogs Words and Paintery ! The mood board for this month is just as calm as I needed...

I used all three colors but...no seashell for me! lol :-) I used a vintage photo of a small girl in a car with such bright eyes! 

She is adorable isn't she?? :-)

Thank you for visiting my page today...

Πέμπτη 28 Ιουλίου 2016



this photo of this little boy stole my heart...he is working ...but still smiling...I don't really know the source or the story of the picture...but this smile!!! I loved him at once!

I used this moadboard from Lindy stamp gang blog and this month's challenge

I used peony scarlet red and bells of ireland green which I mixed with texture paste white sand for more texture! I also used yellow, brown 

Thank you so much for visitting my page,

Τετάρτη 27 Ιουλίου 2016

Going places!


this is one of the most adorable pictures of my little one! ( in fact everyone is adorable for me! :-) ) She is waiting for her friends at her pic nic party! The basket is full of cup cakes made by herself and her sister and she looking forward to share them with everyone!!

So , I had to capture this moment! She is happy but still anxious but she is soooo sweet! :-) (ok! too much sun here..but it's Greece..in July so, this is normal!lol  :-) )

With this layout I am playing with omsk-scrapclub and this sketch I found on Lisa's blog The paper attic! Her page is stunnig as always! 

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Σάββατο 23 Ιουλίου 2016

Enjoy the day! Mini denim album!


Today , I finished my denim mini album!! I will use it for our photos from our holidays in Milan!! It was our first international trip as a family! So much fun for the kids starting with the plane, the language, the different food and everything!!

So, when I think of denim I love this color combination. Denim, blue and red! <3

 The girls helped me so much today!! :-) We are ready to pick the pictures now! :-)

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Πέμπτη 21 Ιουλίου 2016

One photo a day!


This summer is about relaxing...doing things I love...read, play...relax, relax, relax! So , today I play with 7 dots again!! Did I tell you I love 7 dots papers?? :-) :-) I wish I had more!!!

So, the challenge is about our favorite quote!! They re too many for me!! Things than my dad used to say, my husband,, my friends...Wise things I always remember...But today...this summer...I use this...One photo a day!

This is my page

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Τετάρτη 20 Ιουλίου 2016


Hello again!

I love everything about India..the people, the history, the cities and the beautiful outfits...So many many colors and shapes! I can imagine those girls shoping ...choosing the textiles and the colors ...laughing and looking at the mirror telling secrets!! I love looking at them..this makes me smile!

I was inspired by the colors of this moodboard at Mixed Media Place and the calm in this beautiful sea...I tried to "built" the bricks from the wall around my picture using mists, modeling paste and stencil..


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Τρίτη 19 Ιουλίου 2016


Hello again!

Ok! now you know it! :-) I have some free time! Some time for my own! To read, to play, to craft or to do nothing...ok! you know that too. I choose scrapbooking...:-)

This time I play with 7 Dots and this challenge "urban theme"

and More than words challenge with this challenge

I love this color combination!! And this 7 dots paper is just perfect!!!

Thank you so so much for visiting my blog! Hope you like my page!!